Renu supplies a range of solar photovoltaic (solar pv) systems that can either stand-alone (off the grid), be connected to the grid (grid tie) or are a hybrid of both. Determining the right system depends on the attributes of the site and Renu is able to work around any challenges or utilitise existing infrastructure to produce the quantity of power required for specific use. Renu’s expertise ensures that the right combination of products is designed into the solution so client’s expectations are met.


Growth of many production factilities is hamstrung by the amount of power that can be supplied by the grid, so being able to produce their own power is the key to growth. Renu has the ability to put in power purchasing agreements that allow us to install a system at our cost and sell the power back to the client for less than grid-supplied power.

Off Grid Solar Energy System

If you want complete energy independence and reduced energy costs then an off-grid solar power system is the answer. An off grid system generates solar power through solar panels and is not connected to the utility grid so it is ideal for remote locations where there is no grid system.

The system includes solar panels and battery banks which store the sun’s energy for cloudy days and at night. The number and size of battery banks is determined by the energy consumption required and can be increased when required. Renu has the expertise to design a solution that will cater to individual needs.

Solar Hybrid Inverter

A solar hybrid system is a combination of grid-tie and off-grid solar solution. It is suitable for homes and buinesses that experience unreliable grid supply and want to reduce their dependency on the grid as well as reduce their electricity costs.

Renu offers a reliable back up power system that has been tested globally and has a proven field performance in many applications and environments. The system is also scalable so it allows for increased capacity as required and is an adaptable pure sine wave, single-phase and three-phase inverter system.

Grid-tie Solar Energy System

A grid-tie system uses solar pv panels to capture the sun’s energy and then uses it to either power the home or business or feed it back to the electricity grid system. If you produce more energy than you consume you will benefit by not only saving but will be paid for the surplus energy that is fed back to the grid, effectively generating a source of income.

A grid-tie solar energy system is ideal for buildings that have large roofs or expanses of ground space and also receives a lot of sunlight. Renu supplies single and three phase photovoltaic grid tie invertors that suit both domestic or commercial applications


People and organisations choose solar energy for different reasons, here are some of them:

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Our Approach

01Understanding your Expectations

We need to fully understand what you want to achieve so we consider all possible solutions.

02Site Assessment

A site visit will determine the attributes and challenges so we can offer the right solution.


A report that includes a full analysis of how to reduce your carbon footprint through lifestyle changes and using alternative energy sources.


Based on the feasibility report findings we draw up a proposal taking your budget into account and offer a phased approach if necessary.

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